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    Welcome! You have arrived at the company website for engineering and production of technical gases "Kryogas" Ltd.

    About Us

    Company for engineering and production of technical gases "Kryogas" Ltd. was founded on the 5th of July 1996. "Cryogas" started its business by opening the first filling station for cylinders with oxygen and carbon dioxide.

    Main domain of our company is production and sale of methane, LPG, technical gases and petrol fuels.

    Company information:

    Management of the company:

    Over 10 years of work in the field of technical gases, CryoGas has gained a significant position on domestic market.

    In 2001. in the business center Krnjača, Belgrade, where development began, CryoGas opened first filling station of LPG, warehouse for cylinders and station for the supplying vehicles with LPG, From this moment, CryoGas activities expanded in this area.

    At present time the company has eight business centers with 81 employee.

    Most of our business centers are filling stations for supplying vehicles with LPG and petrol fuels, combined with warehouses for the sale of butane and technical gases in cylinders. All of them are working on 24-7 base customer services.

    In business center located at 102 Omladinskih brigada street, New Belgrade, CryoGas constructed the very first commercial station for filling vehicles with compressed natural gas (CNG) - methane in Serbia. The second one is opened in Belgrade, at 60 Ibarska road. Our future plans are to build new stations in Zrenjanin and Kraljevo.