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Welcome! You have arrived at the web site of the Enterprise for Engineering and Production of Technical Gases - KryoGas d.o.o.

The engineering and technical gas production company KryoGas d.o.o. has been operating under this name since July 5, 1996, when it started its business activity by constructing an oxygen and carbon dioxide filling plant. The main activities of the company are the production and sale of technical gases, LPG, CNG (Methane) and liquid fuels.

Metan (CNG) pump in Inđiji


  • BC Palilula - 011/2761-759,
  • BC N. Beograd 1 - 011/2158-893
  • BC N. Beograd 2 - 011/2157-011

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CNG (methane)

Use of gasoline, diesel and gas, as fuel for motor vehicles, directly...

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Starting in 2001, the company expanded its business on LNG...

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Tehnical gases

In the field of technical gas occupy a significant position on the domestic market...

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Liquid gas for car climate...

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Liquid fuels

We occupy a significant position on the domestic market when it comes to Euro-diesel 5...

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Design of plants and installations for the production and application of cryogenic and.

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Business centers

We cover all important cities for the sale of auto gas in the territory of Serbia ...

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Welding equipment

Welding equipment of renowned manufacturers, specialized importers and dealers - provided spare parts and service...

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Other services

Within the Kryogas doo system, visitors can buy auto cosmetics within our stores and make a break in our restaurant ...

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