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    At locations in Belgrade, Subotica and Zaječar, we offer Euro-Diesel 5 and high quality unleaded automotive petrol, in accordance with European standards.

    Unleaded Automotive Petrol

    Unleaded petrol is a type of fuel to which no lead has been added as an anti-knock engine performanceagent. As a product of combustion in the engine, this type of fuel does not give out poisonous vapours, as is the case with fuels that contain lead.

    In the early days of automobilism, in the first half of the twentieth century, the drivers, after travelling several thousand kilometres, often felt that the engine was not performing properly – which was characterized as “knocking”. It was established that the “knocking” occurred as a result of precipitation of carbon remains in the cylinders. These carbon remains remained candescent and as such they prematurely ignited the mixture, before the valves hada chance to completely close off. Such pre-ignition triggered the “knocking” of the engine.Chemists have found that by adding small amounts of lead, fuel burns without residues, thus solving the problem. This also meant that vehicles produced far less smoke and exhaust fumes. But, over the next few decades, the side effect of this solution to the problem was an increase of the amount of lead in the atmosphere, especially in the cities, where concentrations became risky and even led to nervous system damage in newborn babies.

    Governments around the world prohibited the addition of lead into petrol, so the oil companies began selling unleaded petrol. However, this did not mean the return of the problem with pre-ignition. Firstly–because another substance is added to petrol today, called: aromatic hydrocarbons, and secondly–because car manufacturers have developed more economical engines with better combustion. At the same time, many governments have continuously introduced new regulations on the emission of harmful gases for vehicles, and therefore the manufacturers have been forced to introduce systems for the reduction of exhaust fumes, in order to lessen their impact on the quality of air in the cities.

    EURO 5 - Standard

    Regardless of the clear trend of declining diesel usage, CryoGas provides its customers with this type of fuel –of the highest quality.

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