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    Company for engineering and production of technical gases "KryoGas" Ltd. was founded on the 5th of July 1996. "CryoGas" started its business by opening the first filling station for cylinders with oxygen and carbon dioxide. Main domain of our company...

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    About Us

    Full name: Company for engineering and manufacture of technical gases "KryoGas" limited liability company, Belgrade. Short name: "CryoGas" Ltd. Belgrade. Registration number: 06520413. TIN: 100209697. The founders of the company: Mr. Dusan Drčelić, Mr...

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    Our Offer:

    Taxi Cards

    All conditions and obligations for usage of KryoGas Taxi cards...

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    Engineering design of plant and installations for the production and appliance of technical gases and cryogenic. Supply and installation of equipment for cryogenic gases. In this field we have cooperation with Kryooprema Ltd. Belgrade, We build facilities...

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    CNG - Methane

    The usage of gasoline, diesel and car-gas as fuel for motor vehicles directly depends on limited natural resources of oil and it is clear that in the near future the usage of other fuels, primarily natural gas, whose reserves are much larger and exploitation...

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    The Company expanded its activities in LPG in 2001, and opened its first gas station in Belgrade (Krnjača, Pančevački put 69). Nowdays we have eight gas stations and we plan to build several new ones. Working hours of all our gas stations is from 00 to...

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    Technical Gases

    In the field of technical gases, CryoGas occupies a significant position on domestic market. The technical gases “base” is in our business center Krnjača, Pančevački put 69, where we have filling stations for oxygen, carbon dioxide, nitrogen, ammonia...

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    Liquid Fules

    In development plans CryoGas has a liquefied natural gas as an ideal solution for the supply of urban and suburban traffic and delivery vehicles in the city, that together results 90% of traffic pollution. Filling stations for vehicles on compressed natural...

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    Business Centers:


    1b Dragoslava Srejovića St, Palilula; 102 Omladinskih brigada St, New Belgrade; 69 Pančevački put St, Krnjača; 60 Ibarski put St, Čukarica

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    S/N Save Kovačevića St.

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    Novi Pazar

    S/N Postenje St, Raška-Novi Pazar route

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    S/N Đorđa Natoševića St.

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    2 Nova Rtanjska St.

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