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  • Technical Gases

    In the field of technical gases, KryoGas occupies a significant position on domestic market. The technical gases “base” is in our business center Krnjača, Pančevački put 69, where we have filling stations for oxygen, carbon dioxide, nitrogen, ammonia and butane. Tecnical gases are available to our customers in all of our gas stations for 24 hours. Also, we perform testing of cylinders for technical gases and we sell new butane cylinders.

    We provide transport of technical gases and butane to our customers with our own fleet (lorry, truck or pick-up).

    Oxygen - O2

    Nitrogen - N2

    Carbon dioxide - CO2

    Ammonia - NH3

    Other gases

    Acetylene (C2H2)

    Argon (Ar)

    Helium (He)

    Bottles Hydrogen (H2)

    Propane-butane (LPG)

    Nitrous oxide (N2O)

    GAS mixtures

    Technical Gases